Local OC Goms (LOKG)

Our team organises everything concerning the Cross-Country event and races in Ulrichen, Goms. Please contact us, if you have any questions.

General contact: info@jwsc2018.ch

André Vogt, President LOKG andre-vogt@bluewin.ch
Roberto Imoberdorf, Vice-President LOKG imoberdorf@obergoms.ch
Fabiola Kummer, Secretary & HR fabiola.kummer@gemeinde-goms.ch
Brandt Gerald, WKC Cross Country gerald.brandt@bluewin.ch
André Imoberdorf, Finances andre.imoberdorf@obergoms.ch
Philipp Imwinkelried, Infrastructure philipp.imwinkelried@planax.ch
Patric Zimmermann, Safety & Traffic patric.zimmermann@obergoms.ch
Yvonne Vogt, Ceremonies & Side events yvonne-vogt@bluewin.ch
Silvan Jergen, Opening- & closing ceremony s_jergen@bluewin.ch
Urs Vogt, responsible for all tracks  urs.vogt@hallenbarter.ch
Emil Imoberdorf, Chief start and finish